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Christiana Kav is the founder of Crescent Sky Productions formally known as  ChrissyKMoments. She started with ChrissyKMoments as a hobbyist photographer. Now, she is turning that hobby into a production company where she will expand her abilities to provide more services including  videography, video editing and social media content creator. 

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Her Story

It all started with Christiana's first Polaroid camera at the age of 8. Growing up, she loved taking candid photos of her friends and family during special occasions and even everyday life. She was taking pictures of nearly everything until she got in trouble by her parents for wasting film. Christiana’s desire to capture every moment throughout the evolution from Polaroid camera to digital camera to cell phone camera never dwindled. This love of photography soon led her to buying her very own DSLR camera and grew into a passion, alongside videography. She began professionally shooting photos of family, friends, and nature, and soon developed her own personal style. In 2018, she began working closely with Pageant Director and CEO of Global Continental Pageants, LaCrisha Burton-Saba, where she had the opportunity to work behind the scenes of a full-blown pageant production helping to create memorable photos and highlight reels for the event, further solidifying her passion for both photography and videography.

Now, Christiana is turning her love for photography and videography into a family business where she plans to work alongside her siblings and cousins. They all take an interest in some type of art form, including photography, graphic design, and video animation.


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